About Us

Our Meals use only fresh, all-natural ingredients that are calorie conscious and packed with healthy proteins and low carb veggies. The Meal Kitchen’s prepared meals are perfect for the gym-goer looking to support a healthy lifestyle with clean eating, or for the health-conscious family who is short on time but refuses to resort to fast food.
Not only are our meals undeniably delicious and good for your health, but they are also USDA, FDA and SQF Level 2 certified. Founded by a team of innovative, unconventional butchers, we have cooked up the perfect recipe for success

Our kitchen facility features an in house full time nutritionist that monitors the macros for every recipe! Since the recipes are prepared to exacting standards and precise measurements our great taste remains consistent.
You can rest assured that your meals have the freshest ingredients, are delicious and have the most accurate macro information such as:

Calories | Proteins | Carbohydrates | Sugars | Sodium

Variety is the spice of life, and we provide a lot of it. We offer ample choices for breakfast, salads, hot meals, sandwiches and wraps to choose from. A quick look at any of our packaged meals and one immediately notices the burst of colors emanating from the fresh vegetables.

We care about what you think! We constantly take into consideration the comments and suggestions of our clients and try to incorporate their needs into the next iteration of our menu.