Frequently Asked Questions

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How long is the shelf life of your product?
Our meals are dated with a ten day shelf life. Prior to the ten days, meals may also be frozen.
Why should we partner ourselves with The Meal Kitchen?
The Meal Kitchen believes all businesses can be our partners. We provide healthy, high quality meals that create a well-balanced diet for those looking to establish a healthier lifestyle. Always remember we are the only meal prep company that has a fully USDA certified product.
Does The Meal Kitchen deliver to households?
We are not a home delivery service, but have many locations where someone could pick up our meals.
Does your menu change, or remain the same?

We have a rotating menu that changes approximately every 90 days. Along with implementing new items into our menu, we also keep our top sellers on the menu to keep our customers happy. 

Do provide refrigerators?
Yes, as a new business partner signs on with us, we offer refrigeration contracts to them. We offer single-door refrigeration as well as double-door, depending on the volume of meals your location sells.
Do you offer Keto/Vegan options?

Stay Tuned! We currently focus solely on well-balanced meals and have plans to expand our menu in the near future.

Does The Meal Kitchen have social media accounts?

We sure do! You can instantly follow us on Instagram @the_meal_kitchen and why not follow/like us on Facebook as well @themealkitchen

What makes The Meal Kitchen different than the competition?

At The Meal Kitchen we pride ourselves on having USDA, and/or FDA approvals for all our menu offerings, and furthering our legitimacy with SFQ Level 2 certifications. Quality, freshness, reliable deliveries and of course great taste are our premium-selling points.

Do you plan on adding more vegetarian options?
There will be additions to the menu in the near future to form a complete meal plan for our vegetarian customers.
Do you have seafood options?
No, unfortunately we do not carry seafood options on our menu. As inquiries for these items grow, we will attempt to add them to our menu rotation.