How It Works

We are the premier provider of USDA compliant “prepared meals” delivered to onsite fridge locations in gyms, nutrition stores, spas and weight-loss centers. 

Our meals are available either on a “Grab & Go” basis or at a discount when “pre-ordered”.

What is Pre-Ordering Meals?

Pre-ordering is perfect for getting your delicious, portion-controlled, and healthy meals for the week, as well as making sure you are getting what you want! For these reasons many of our locations off pre-order capability.

In your search for a well balanced nutritional diet, we give you the healthy way to eat.

With each meal comes a set of ingredients and nutritionals. Proper labeling indicates the meal’s carb values, protein content, sugars, sodium,  calories, and other content. You get to see the health value of our options before taking your first bite. This lets you plan your daily caloric intake so you can monitor your weight goals along with the ability to check for the presence of any ingredient.

Don’t see your location? Don’t fret.

All of our locations make it simple for you to receive your Meal Kitchen fix  Give us a ring to be walked through the simplest way to get your meals.

How To place a Pre-Order

Placing an order is so very easy, it can be done in just a few steps.  Re-ording your favorite meals  and recurring meals are also options. So, to get started, you’ll have to follow the few quick and easy steps.

A few things to note:

  • Check and see if your location currently offers online pre-ordering and then create an account through your location’s Meal Kitchen page.
  • Check your order placement cutoff date and time.  All of our locations have specific details so that we can ensure the freshest and most accurate delivery information.
  • Orders placed after the deadline will be prepared and delivered on the next available delivery date.
  • Delivery is subject to change based on US Holiday Calendar.  However, we anticipate these needs in advance and will provide appropriate notice when possible.
  • Delivery times vary slightly week to week, but you can expect your meals to arrive usually no later than 2pm.
  • Payment for online processing is by credit card only. Alternative forms of payment may be accepted directly at your pick-up location.